Monday, 9 December 2013

9 Cool things I learnt at 'Google @ Croud' event

I’ve been to the Google HQ offices in Tottenham Court Road twice before – once to do some filming and interviewing and then a few weeks a go for Lunch. I always like going there, and not just because you can take as many packets of tictacs as your heart desires.

I was delighted to be going back there with my company Croud helping put on our first ever digital marketing conference. It was a great day to not only learn more about the future of search and the latest innovations in tech from Google but to also meet some of my clients, my colleagues, people from the Croudie Network and people I had invited because I knew they would find it interesting! You’ll be pleased to know they were all impressed with the event.

There’s a great blog on what happened at this event from my colleague Iain currently on the Croud Blog, who goes more into depth with the speakers and the topics!
But first here’s 9 interesting things I learnt at Google @ Croud

1.  If you type in cos(x)+sin(y) into Google, something magical happens. Do it. 

2.Self driving cars look amazing, yet scary. But imagine how much more you could get done on your work commute if you had one?

3.There are a lot of cats in hats on Etsy. This is by far the best…

4. The average person (in a room full of Croud’s guests) has 4 wifi – connected devices.
Here’s mine: 2 x laptops
1 x mobile
1 x Kindle
Shared: 1 xTV, 1xWii

5.Content Matters… A lot. (I hate the phrase ‘content is king’) Infographics, videos, blogs are holding more weight out there than ever. Get on that.

6.Keywords Not provided suck, but let’s embrace that change and learn how to analyse data better to compensate.
7. The lifts at Google HQ are shoddy. (We got stuck for a good hour!) (Ok… it was 10 minutes, but still!)

8.A Bacon Cocktail isn’t great, a Mango chutney cocktail on the other hand is sublime!

9. I look pretty damn good in a Croud T-shirt…..

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Why I love Twitter: Tesco Mobile VS Jaffa Cakes (+ Yorkshire Tea)

What I love most about Twitter … well social media I guess, is that it can give real personality behind brands. We see they are real people talking on the other side of the computer screen and not just the stone cold face of a massive corporation of suit and tie wearers.

We all remember when O2 talked gangster don’t we? Or when Douwe Eggberts had it off with the tongue in cheek Dolphin pub? Well if you haven’t DON’T’ click on those links just yet!

Because here’s the latest display of personality, witticism and well... genuine humanity from big brands – Tesco Mobile, Yorkshire Tea and JaffaCakes. See the social media managers battle it out (in 140 characters or less) to be the wittiest …. My points go to Tesco Mobile, well played, well played.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Pregnant Panda Tian Tian trends Twitter and launches perfume!

The World's second most favourite panda behind Kung Fu Panda and ahead of Soo (Sooty & Co) owes much of her fame to the thousands of Twitter fans who have been tweeting their support.

Tian Tian, residing in Edinburgh Zoo, is showing strong indications of being pregnant. Now, I know what you're thinking 'First the royal baby and now this, I don't believe it?' Well you better believe it! The British public are said to be on 'Panda Watch' in the intense build up to pregnancy confirmation.

Currently Tian Tian's fans have her name as a top trending tweet on Twitter - demonstrating how popular this Panda is. Tian Tian, declined to comment on her recent fame, but a close source speculated about her plans to launch a perfume in the near future.... watch this space:

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Clever Marketing: The 5 best (less cringey) Marketing Tie Ins for the Royal Baby

This time last week Kate was probably feeling a little worse for wear and marketers were desperately trying to get some royal baby based marketing out online!
Here are some of my favorite marketing tie ins from the birth of the Royal Baby. Some are clever, some are funny and some would have definitely got you beheaded 200 years ago....

Another great one from the Oreo Marketing team, almost as good as that rainbow Oreo they made! I enjoyed that slogan 'Long live the Cream' - but does anyone know why they spelt it 'Creme' not 'Cream?'

Johnson & Johnson:
I love this image of the bubble bath crown - Looks nice and is simply done and not too in your face - a good reflection of their brand.

Another sweet advert from a baby based product. This one is a cute video featuring shots of babies of all different shapes and sizes with one thing in common ..... they are all princes or princesses! Pampers could have made a very cheesey video, but I think it works quite well due to the 'home video' feel of the camera shots working well with the background tune.

Winner: Hostess Snacks
Although I haven't really heard of Hostess Snacks (they are an American brand), I came across this marketing image on Twitter and loved it. It's funny, clever, especially when combined with the text of the tweet and it made me LOL and not LOL in computer language meaning you smiled or at best made a 'hmm' noise as you raised the side of your lip, but I actually LOL(ed) - laughter came out from within. Thank you Hostess Snacks.

If you want to see some more Royal Bay marketing tie ins I suggest checking out this Tumblr which documents the most truly horrific marketing!
Ignore the part where the page criticizes what I have just documented though! ;)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Infographic : How Twitter Responded to Wimbledon

I do love a good infographic and when on Monday morning I logged into Twitter and was bombarded with tweets about wimbledon and Andy Murray's victory, I thought it would be a good idea to research just how much people tweeted about the Final.

Like I said, I do love a good infographic so thought this was the best way to display all the juicy bits of data I found.

One of the most interesting things I discovered was just how much people tweeted and just how many people used a desktop on such a glorious sunny day. In fact Andy Murray's victory brought 120,000 tweets a minute, surpassing all peak tweets generated from London 2012. When you think back at all the Olympic highlights that's pretty impressive.

You can view my entire blog post and the full sized infographic on Croud, my company's website:

You can even embed the infographic on your own site from there too!

Infographic : How Twitter Responded to Wimbledon - An Infographic from Croud
Embedded from Croud

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Twitter Marketing: Old, Traditional ReTweets Vs ReTweet Button

A client recently asked me how the old, 'traditional' way of retweeting i.e copying and pasting the tweet, so you have:

RT: @PersonYou'reRetweeing: Their original Tweet.

increases visibility over pressing the direct retweet button.

I am very much in favour of writing the Tweet out. Mainly because it lets you appear in the news feed and gives you the chance to add your own opinion to the tweet or target the retweet to your audience. Great for improving engagement levels! 

Plus a Twitter account full of direct retweets looks a bit lazy to me. So here are a list of benefits in favour of writing that retweet out:

How writing out retweets can improve visibility:
·        If people search for hashtags you've used in a direct RT you won’t show up. Whereas, if you had written out the RT you will.
·        Instead of showing your avatar, it shows the avatar of the original tweeter, which might be someone your followers don't know or have any relationship with.
·        When the pseudo "retweet" is itself retweeted you won't be mentioned at all. Whereas if someone RT’s the written out RT or MT you sent you could be credited.
·        If your follower follows the person you directly RT’d then they WON’T see your RT.
How writing out retweets can improve engagement:
·        Writing out a retweet gives you the opportunity to insert a comment, start a conversation, or join a conversation.
·        You also have the opportunity to edit the retweet for you audience, making your audience more likely to engage with you. 

However the Direct Retweet button has its advantages too….
For example direct retweets are a good way of helping tweets trend. In addition when you directly RT, the avatar of the person you are retweeting will be displayed, which helps break up the content on your Twitter page and makes it obvious that you share content.
Also if anyone clicks on a tweet you have directly retweeted, your avatar will appear:

So all in all a nice mix of both works best on Twitter. I'd recommend about 80% of your RTs be written out and 20% to be direct RTs.

Do you have a different view? Leave me comment and let me know. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Myspace Relaunch: What's new with Myspace? And why did they delete our old content?

So Myspace has just re-launched and revamped itself complete with an ‘inspirational’ video of young people breaking lots of stuff, in a bid to target new users and get people back onto that once much loved social site.

Ain't no party like a Myspace party.

Justin Timberlake, who co-owns the social network with digital ad company Specific Media, wants it to be cool again. To do that, Myspace is getting the help of musicians, such as the electronic artist Kenna – Don’t worry, I've never heard of them either…

Anyway I thought I would take look back into my Mysapce account, which has remained untouched since 2010, to see what to make of it all and to see if there’s still space in my internet social networks for Myspace. I took a video of myself logging into Myspace for the first time in three years, so you can see what happens:
First task: remembering my log in. 

Features as shown in the video:

Storing Images and Music – As you saw Myspace gave me an option to sync all my image and music content so I can access it via Myspace. Whenever you connect to an album, song or video, or add a track to a Mix, it also gets added to your Library. Your photo uploads are also stored here. It looks, essentially, like iTunes, and functions as your cloud collection of everything you've been listening to or watching on the site

Promotion (Not just for bands) - As you can see in the video, there’s an option to add what kind person you are about so Myspace can help promote the content you put on your profile – songs, videos, photos, mixes etc.   The site also provides users with analytics that measure fan response and other tools to help them grow.

Cover Photos – Aren't they just everywhere at the moment?

Activity Stream – A constant stream of news from the people you are following. Much the same as what you get with Facebook. You'll see a mixture of status updates and photos your connections have posted and information on what they've been doing - listening to songs, creating mixes, connecting to other people etc. 

Myspace's Target Audience:

I’m not sure if I will use Myspace again unless I was in band again or unless I wanted to reminse at past photos from school or look at old conversations from people I’ve lost touch with. But neither of those are likely to happen, especially not now Myspace have DELETED all old content from the old formats profiles. Myspace did this without any warning urging people to back up content if they wanted it, NOT COOL MYSPACE.  As you can imagine a lot of people are angry about this.

So all in all, at the moment I thinkMyspace should be left as a (mostly) fond memory of my teenage years.  A nugget of nostalgia to keep alongside other relics of my life on the internet , such as MSN chat, AOL and that website where I got to keep a virtual pet tiger (I wonder what happened to that).

BUT…. I am probably not Myspace's target audience anymore anyway. If their new video is anything to go by, they are targeting young people, or people in their late twenties who dress like teenagers… who like breaking stuff. Myspace's VP of Marketing, Christian Parkes, says time is on the company's side:

"It's people like us, of our generation, that are actually raising eyebrows," Parkes says. "People who are 15-, 16-years-old, Myspace never existed for them, so they are looking at it with completely fresh eyes."
I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it catches on with the younger generation.

Time to watch this (my) space….